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3 Structural Damages That Require You to Have a Home Remodel

Homeowners usually remodel their property due to one of two reasons: updating their home’s functionality or repairing structural damage. It’s not uncommon for properties to experience wear and tear over time. If you keep waiting for these areas to get worse, you may end up paying a higher price for your future renovation costs.

Assessing your property for damage

Your home’s different areas experience damage in unique ways. For example, your bathroom’s drainage problems will occur more frequently than the degradation of your floorboards. The durability of your home will vary on its building materials and how it can sustain damage. This is why you should know how to gauge your home’s condition to analyze if you’ll need to undergo a home remodel.

If you’re unsure if your home needs to undergo a home remodel, here are three structural damages you should consider:

1. Compromised flooring

People tend to take for granted having stable and durable flooring. The uniformity of your home’s flooring structures protect you from slips and falls that can be more dangerous in some areas than others. For example, slipping on your bathroom tiles is more hazardous than tripping on your living room carpet.

Living rooms, bedrooms, and other spaces that have hardwood flooring are usually safe from deterioration unless these surfaces experience severe water damage. Generally, the most common areas in your home where you’ll have signs of compromised flooring are places that have high moisture and humidity. This is common in indoor spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. Due to constant exposure to moisture, your tiles’ grouting can dry up sooner, causing the glue underneath to dry up.

2. Plumbing leaks

Besides sudden floods from storms, continuous water damage can cause extensive damage over time to your home. You don’t always need to wait for natural disasters to experience these water problems. Ruptured or misaligned pipes can be a significant cause for concern. Problems in your plumbing can do anything from simple inconveniences to severe structural complications.

Dealing with your pipeline’s problems isn’t always straightforward. You can only patch things up with sealant for a limited number of times before you require professional repairs. Some pipe damages can be a symptom of something greater, which is why it’s better to attend to your plumbing issues immediately. Doing so will give you a professional diagnosis of your pipes’ condition.

3. Pest infestations

Pests and vermin around your house are sure signs that you need to have a home remodel. Although you can manage and treat the infestation around your property, there’s no telling what degree of damage your home already has. Ideally, you won’t need severe renovation work if you can catch these pests early on. However, you shouldn’t overestimate the durability of your living spaces.

It’s not uncommon for pests to dig deep within your home’s woodwork and narrow crevices before you can see them on the surface. For example, termites present in your woodwork finishing can have a deeper nest inside your home. Ensure that you have pest control experts to sweep your property so that you can have an assessment of the damage you should take note of.


Protecting your home from structural damage requires you to be a vigilant homeowner. You must identify which parts of your home are more vulnerable than others and figure out how to prevent them from breaking or suffering from wear and tear. Nevertheless, no amount of being careful can keep your home in top condition forever. This is why it’s necessary to schedule a home remodel if you think your property needs to have an urgent upgrade.

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