4 Great Ways to Enhance Curb Appeal on Your Front Porch

Curb appeal is valuable on several levels for any home. It is basically the overall attractiveness of a house as seen by a possible buyer from the sidewalk. With that in mind, the front porch is a great avenue to make sure curb appeal is maximized.

What are some great ideas to create curb appeal on the front porch?

Decide what to do with your garage door

Your garage door is, in a nutshell, far too big to be ignored, especially since it’s right beside your front porch. There are two ways to go about addressing it in terms of your front porch curb appeal. You can, of course, just eliminate it somehow. The other route you can take is to simply spruce it up. Aside from adding to your curb appeal, an update to your garage door is a great addition to the value of your home.

Have the driveway and walkways refinished

From the name itself, it’s safe to say that curb appeal actually originates from the street. You can put a lot of effort into home improvement, but those may end up pointless if your driveway is dirty and/or cracked. The usual solution to this is getting it cleaned through power washing. A great rule of thumb is to call on your local contractors to determine whether replacement or resurfacing is necessary.

When it comes to walkways, you can exercise your creativity. Different materials can be mixed together for you to have a unique look. Some designs will allow for the growth of grass in between so that the look is more modern.

Invest in professional front-of-house landscaping

Everyone has some type of natural affinity for greenery, but not everyone has a green thumb. No matter how skilled you may think you are, there’s definitely a noticeable difference when it comes to professional landscaping. 

To begin with, a landscape designer will have in-depth knowledge of your soil and climate. The plants that are most appropriate for the area will then be selected. They will also be able to take into consideration the overall style of your home. The trees, bushes, and/or plants they choose will then be able to best complement not just the architecture of your home, but also your family’s lifestyle and even your personal interest.

Upgrade or replace your house numbers

A really easy yet great way for your house to get more character added is through house numbers. If you don’t have any at all, consider actually getting them. There are various types available out there, depending on your aesthetic and taste.


Curb appeal is absolutely crucial for a home, as it’s essentially the first impression people get. Having the exterior of your home done up takes a lot of effort, but it’s certainly worth it. Great ways to create front porch curb appeal include having the driveways and walkways refinished, investing in professional front-of-house landscaping, and even deciding what to do with your garage door.

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