4 Kitchen Remodelling Myths That Can Endanger Your Project

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It is where generations upon generations of families gather to eat, share stories, and just be around each other. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, having the knowledge to do so will ensure that your plans succeed. Unfortunately, basing your knowledge on myths and misinformation can put your goals in peril. To ensure that is not the case, we will discuss the most common kitchen remodeling myths to help you tell the truth from the lies.

Myth 1. Your DIY designs are the best

Sure, you can come up with your own fantastic designs. You can even go online and try out other people’s designs. However, nothing beats working with a professional designer to remodel the kitchen for you. They will carefully select everything from the size of the room down to the materials used to satisfy all of your needs. In other words, a pro can consider all of your requirements and use their knowledge to craft the perfect solutions.

Myth 2. The bigger the kitchen, the better

People always say bigger is better, but that is not always true. Kitchen remodels do not necessarily have to be bigger. Bigger kitchens do not always mean more productivity or flow efficiency. Sometimes, a smaller space will do much better, especially if it allows you to reach the things you need without taking unnecessary steps for them. 

Of course, you still need to take your kitchen’s size into account but do not try to go bigger if you do not need to.

Myth 3. You cannot go wrong following the trends

Trends come and go, and if you are the type that wants to stay trendy, by all means, follow them. However, there are design aspects that stand the test of time. These include using quartz tops, sticking to white cabinets, and the likes. 

Regardless, what you pick should reflect what you want, not what trends suggest. It should reflect your home’s overall design and ensure that it stays as part of the home. Consider your long-term needs. If you plan to sell the home or want to keep the option open, the renovations you make can boost your home’s resale value.

Myth 4. You can wing a kitchen remodeling project

Do not ever wing a kitchen remodeling project. Doing so will cause you to run into unexpected issues and massive financial burdens. Take the time to plan each step of the project and stick to it as best as you can. This way, the remodeling process can proceed smoothly, saving you plenty of time and money!


Kitchen remodeling can be exciting yet stressful, especially if you based your decisions around these remodeling myths. Now that you realize that they are false be sure to adapt your projects! If you are still struggling to create the perfect plan or carry out certain activities, do not be afraid to reach out to remodeling contractors to help you out. With their service, you can save precious time and money to ensure that you end up with the perfect remodeled kitchen.

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