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4 Must-Haves for Your Master Bathroom

Bathrooms may not be a place to hang out, work, or dine, but it’s still a space that can bring incredible value to any home. After all, gone are the days when bathrooms were just meant for hygiene. Nowadays, this area has transformed into a place for recreation and comfort; that’s why it’s worth considering decking out your master bathroom to ensure it’s visually appealing, functional, and efficient. 

Beyond the cabinets, tile work, countertops, and other essentials, there are ways to put a modern twist to your master bathroom and turn it into a highly customized room designed to maximize your comfort. If you’re aiming to have your bathroom serve as your personal spa, then consider the following luxurious must-haves: 

1. Double Sinks 

Master bathrooms are often more spacious, so if you do have the extra square footage, then you shouldn’t skimp out on the opportunity to install two sinks. It’s an excellent addition that can save plenty of time for you and your partner, or at least a double under-mounted sink. Beyond extending your convenience, installing two sinks can also do wonders for boosting your home’s value in the long run.

2. In-Floor Heating 

If you live in a country with a cold climate, then you understand how winter often brings a chill to your bone once it’s time to do your business in the bathroom. Adding an in-floor heating system can transform your experience altogether, allowing you to enjoy practicing hygiene in a room designed to give you full comfort. 

3. Proper Lighting 

Relying on the overhead lighting alone can turn your master bathroom into a dingy place, but adding different lighting fixtures can create a dynamic visual experience. Side-mounted scones, for instance, are excellent additions that highlight your vanity mirror. Opting for pendant lighting can also accentuate focal points in your master bathroom, giving the area different lighting layers for a moody finish. 

4. Steam Shower

Seeing as a high-end bathroom promotes oasis within reach, you no longer have to travel far to relax if you have a steam shower in your master bathroom. It’s the ultimate luxurious upgrade that converts the water into warm, soothing steam, which is good for your health and for your property value too. 

The Bottom Line: Giving Your Master Bathroom Luxurious Upgrades

Bathrooms are places where people can unwind after a long day at work, making it a space for personal indulgence more than its initial pragmatic purpose. Homeowners who plan to renovate their master bathroom can take its design further by incorporating innovative amenities that can elevate your experience. 

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