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5 Valuable Tips for Mixing Metals in Your Home: Our Guide

The idea of mixing metals at home has become more popular over the years. These days, you will see more interiors with a variety of metallic hues, like gold, silver, copper, and bronze. A mixture of metals adds more texture and depth to a space. At the same time, they add more space for creativity. However, you must be mindful when mixing metals because it’s easy to misuse them. 

If you want to avoid costly mistakes when mixing metals at home, here are five valuable tips to follow: 

1. Create A Plan

When mixing metals, you shouldn’t just pick everything you see that you think will go well with one another. You need a solid plan to ensure that you will achieve your desired results. Start off with determining how you want your room to feel, and then you can create a unified plan for the area in your home and stick to it. 

2. Select A Dominant Color

Select a dominant color to use for the space that will be the feature finish of the area. Then, you can add two to three metals that will complement it. For example, if you’re a fan of stainless steel appliances for your cookware, you can then add brass lighting fixtures just to give it that needed kick to enhance the area’s appeal!

3. Keep It Balanced

When you start mixing metals and get good results, it’s easy to get swayed by your progress that you might go overboard. Once you go over the top with further additions, it will be difficult to stop or make adjustments along the way. You might even find it difficult to extract pieces you think don’t go well, which could leave you with a different “vibe” than you initially planned. 

Keep it balanced by choosing two or three metals that contrast with each other but complement one another. Make sure to consider the other materials in the area, like those of your countertops or your cabinets. 

4. Try Adding Some Accessories

Consider using accessories to give the area a little bit more “oomph.” Adding more items in each metal will give it a better flow and more purpose. Use smaller accessories in various metallic finishes or experiment with a few chrome and nickel centerpieces instead. 

5. Make Sure Not To Stick To The Same Color Family

Keep in mind that mixing metals doesn’t mean everything must be different from each other. There’s always beauty in cohesion, which is why you shouldn’t be afraid to use it when mixing metals in your home. However, be cautious of having the same color in your home. When you play around with different shades, you disallow your home from giving off a stale vibe and only increase your chances of getting the perfect balance in your home!


Mixing warm and cool metals is a great idea, such as gold, brass, and nickel from warm tones, and silver and chrome for the cooler side. Keep in mind that when it comes to mixing metals in your home, contrast is the key. Don’t be afraid to mix them up but make sure you achieve the perfect balance while not going overboard. This is ultimately why it’s vital you have a plan before you dive too deep into mixing metals at home. When it comes to such a project in your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional who can give you valuable input about what’s best you can do in your home. 

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