4 Considerations for Choosing a Contractor in the Pandemic

One of the biggest challenges that COVID-19 has brought is that the average person now has to think of ways to keep their life going amidst the risk of transmission. After all, not all endeavors can be put on hold. There are plenty of issues that need to be addressed before they become more expensive problems. 

One such endeavor that falls under this category is home renovation. After all, if your roof or other parts of your house are damaged, you shouldn’t wait to fix it. If it rains even just once, it might ruin and damage your home in incredibly expensive ways. 

That being said, reducing the risk of transmission is still a paramount concern. How do you balance the needs of your home with the need for safety? As an answer to this question, we have created this guide to keep your home renovation project COVID-safe. With no further ado, here it is:

1 – Choose your general contractor carefully

While this went without saying in the pandemic, it is more important now than ever. There are plenty of unscrupulous individuals out there who might cut corners in the wake of this tragedy. Make sure that the contractor you choose has been vetted you trust. A good way to find one is through referrals from trusted friends and family.

Another important part of choosing your general contractor is asking them about their past experience and any measures they’ve taken to mitigate risk in the current climate. A contractor should be communicative, prompt, and adaptable to certain situations. Most importantly, they should practice proper precautions for preventing COVID-19 transmission. 

2 – Request references

Every contractor in your area worth their salt should be completely willing to provide references. After all, it is proof of their quality of work. The building and design, believe it or not, are the easiest part of the project. 

Pictures of a five-star kitchen remodel might show you the end result of their hard work, but it doesn’t show you what they did to get there. There is no way of knowing if the beautiful pictures of their past projects were the product of a toxic collaboration with a customer that ended with the construction being completed five months too late. 

Make sure to call the references they provide and ask about the experience working with them. You also need to ask about how they dealt with unexpected situations, such as discovering asbestos in the walls, having supplies or appliances delivered late, and so on. This will give you insight into how they deal with mistakes and tragedies.

3 – Check their licenses

Your local contractor may need to obtain certain licenses depending on state regulations. They might even need a license for the various aspects of construction projects, such as roofing. Make sure to ask your local contractor what licenses they possess and to verify these with the appropriate bodies if you can. Though it is rare, it is not unheard of for unscrupulous individuals to falsify their documents to gain that contract. 

4 – Make sure their service is insured

Insurance is like a bulletproof vest; it is better to have one and not need it than need it and not have one. Insurance coverage will protect your finances from unexpected incidents related to your project. For example, if one of the workers gets injured on your property, you will not be liable to pay the damages; the insurance provider will cover this for you.

Final thoughts

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to adapt in fairly difficult ways so that life can go on. Though normal has changed, that doesn’t mean you should tolerate disrepair in your home or delay that kitchen remodel you’ve been hoping for. A trustworthy contractor can repair and maintain your dream home—pandemic be damned. 

If you’re looking for a local contractor in Sacramento that provides fantastic COVID-safe service, send us a message at Cobex Construction Group for your free quote. We have over 30 years of experience and provide lifetime warranties as a testament to our handiwork. 

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