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Dealing With Kitchen Remodels: 3 Essential Design Tips

Different areas in your home will be more problematic than others, depending on their maintenance prerequisites and repair costs. For example, bathrooms and kitchens are typically more costly to maintain than living rooms or patios. Since these areas contain expensive appliances and fixtures that need to connect to your plumbing and energy, it’s best to expect a sizable bill when renovating these places.

Dealing with kitchen remodels

Homeowners typically spend $12,000 to $34,000 on kitchen remodels, making it one of the more expensive renovation projects to your home, and with good reason. Besides the functional upgrade that a kitchen remodel can provide, it also dramatically increases your home’s property value. For this reason, kitchen remodels are building projects you should take seriously as a long-term investment.

Before you execute your kitchen remodel plans, be sure to remember these three essential kitchen design tips:

1. Set an appliance list

Your appliances will take up a considerable amount of your renovation budget, which is why you need to be particular about your kitchen options. Anything from blenders, dishwashers, and stoves should be final before you consider plotting the layout of your kitchen. Beginning with your appliances in mind will make it easier to separate different areas on your kitchen floor. This also allows you to have specific base measurements of your structures and finishing details.

2. Be mindful of your measurements

Kitchens and bathrooms don’t have the benefit of having wide open spaces since every area needs to be compact. This is why sinks, stoves, and refrigerators are generally close to each other for convenience. Although there’s nothing worse than having a suffocating kitchen, it’s also unhelpful to have an unrealistically spacious workplace.

You need to be particular about picking the right sizes for your kitchen’s furnishings, from barstools to worktops. Ensure that every object you place will have a purpose and won’t disrupt the flow of working in your kitchen. Keep in mind that countertops and cabinets can be customizable. On the other hand, stools, coffee tables, and lighting fixtures have fixed measurements. After figuring out your appliances, your next task should be to account for their sizes together with other furnishing options to guide your construction.

3. Don’t forget the finishing

Now that you have the furniture out of the way, you can now focus on your kitchen’s details. Picking out your flooring options and lighting fixtures will give you a general idea of your kitchen floor’s mood and aesthetic direction. Remember to consider your appliances’ design, especially if you want to curate a consistent theme. For example, steel cabinets can blend seamlessly with dark and sleek metallic refrigerator frames.

Your appliances, lighting fixtures, and flooring options will be the centerpieces of your kitchen, while your backsplashes, cabinet pulls, and cutlery function are the cherry on top of your design. Even though these may seem like minor and inconsequential choices, the right complements will be an excellent addition that make your kitchen look more cohesive.


Any renovation treatment you give to your home will considerably affect its function, design, and value. The more expensive your budget needs to be, the more cautious you will be when committing to final plans and blueprints. This is why it’s necessary to hire general contractors to execute your remodel’s vision with precision and care for your future investment.

A reliable building contractor will be the best investment you’ll make to have a successful kitchen remodel. We’re a general contractor in Sacramento specializing in exterior and interior renovations, from roofing replacements to kitchen remodels. Get in touch with our dedicated building experts today to get a free estimate!

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