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Everything You Need to Know When It Comes to Home Additions

Expansion is possible for virtually every single home available on the market today. In fact, any Roseville general contractor will tell you that getting a home addition is likely the best step towards making more income rent-wise or even a functional, spacious home office. You can stay in your home instead of moving elsewhere when your family starts to expand. Moreover, your home will be far more comfortable in the long run.

There are several ways that getting a home addition can go, including building up and building down. Anything adjacent to your home counts, as well as the conversion of space previously not used. The options available are practically limitless.

Four main categories or types of home additions

These are the sunroom, the conversion, the conventional or typical home additions, and the accessory dwelling unit (ADU). What works best for your home will be best determined by a Sacramento general contractor who can help you make the decision based on factors such as available space and your present layout, alongside property lines and your budget.

  • Sunroom (or Lanai): As the name suggests, a sunroom has big windows and outdoor views. It’s a space that is fully enclosed. On the other hand, a lanai is only partially, if not fully, open to the outdoors, but it’s covered. 
  • Conversion: This is when your garage, basement, or attic is turned into something else. They’re readily built areas that serve as a blank slate for any home addition.
  • Conventional: Conventional is when building upwards or outwards. Essentially, the present space is significantly considered during this addition. The new home addition must fit in with the existing home structure, almost as if it was there all along. This is best for adding a room on the ground floor that can be used for an office, room for guests, or a master suite. Adding a new story to a structure also falls under this.
  • ADUs: ADUs are usually the size of a one-bedroom apartment or a studio-type space, either entirely separate but on the same lot, or has their own entrance despite being connected to the main house. This is best for multiple generations living in the same compound, hosting family and friends, or even for renting out.

How home additions increase the value of your property

Livable square footage is a definite way to add value to your property. Of course, it is key to make sure that the space is well-designed, engineered properly, and seamlessly tied to the structure that currently exists. Don’t forget to make sure that things are built to code in order to properly qualify as livable square footage. Bedrooms, for example, are meant to have a closet and window. Flooring also will increase the value of your property by a significant amount. Check out vsp flooring for more information on sacramento flooring.


Getting a home addition may seem like a daunting task, but the payoff is certainly worth it. While there are four main categories or types, the possibilities themselves are endless. Aside from making your home more enjoyable and comfortable, additions also add value to your property in case a sale is necessary down the line.

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