How Coronavirus Will Change the Look of Future Homes

Interior design takes inspiration from various periods in history—and in today’s time, it is undeniable how big the impact of COVID-19 is in altering people’s lives. If you wonder if this pandemic could also affect the way homes and offices will be designed, then the answer is yes; the pandemic will have a massive impact on bringing change, even to how every room will be designed soon.

In fact, back in the mid to late 19th century, London bathrooms were designed elegantly. Heavy drapes were surrounding the toilet, and the full carpet covered the floor. That was until a cholera outbreak transformed the people’s way of living! They thought that these added interiors housed germs and contributed to the worsening case of cholera. They decided to remove them and replace them with smooth materials that were easy to clean—something we now know today as tiles.

This article will enumerate the possible ways that the current pandemic would alter the interior design in the new decade. 

How COVID-19 Could Affect Future Home Design

The Coronavirus reminded people of the importance of cleanliness and the concept of space. For that reason, here are the interior design ideas that we believe would be the norm in the upcoming modern homes:

1: Usage of Antibacterial Materials  

Keeping the house clean and sanitized has been a practice that we are expecting people to continue over time. Deciding to utilize materials that naturally have antibacterial properties can make homeowners feel more comfortable about their space.

Here are the house materials that could be more in demand because of their capacity to suppress microorganism growth:

  • Copper
  • Brasses
  • Bronzes
  • Quartz
  • Bamboo
  • Oak
  • Cork 

2: A “Separate” Room

Most homeowners already have a guest room in their houses, but some might want to also invest in a separate area outside of the house for guests or for isolating someone who could be ill. They might also add a home office as a mandatory space to a typical home design!

Well-designed separated spaces dedicated to entertainment, resting, getting work done, or working out would be expected for the new houses in the coming years. Those rooms would make staying at home be more comfortable than ever.

3: A Peaceful and Uncluttered Home

Because of the time spent indoors, people who experienced lockdown appreciated nature and its relaxing beauty more. Some may want to incorporate it into their homes by adding more plants and flowers and placing larger windows to highlight the view. 

Prioritizing wellness and relaxation is expected to last for a long while. People who keep too much stuff would decide to cut down or declutter. Homeowners would also start to prioritize smart storage to keep everything more organized. 


COVID-19 is just one of the many viruses that this generation and the next would encounter. If there are significant lessons that it teaches us, those are to be more mindful of our hygiene and be prepared for what health challenges are coming next. If you plan to build or rebuild a home, you may want to consider incorporating the interior design predictions we enumerated in this article.

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