How to Avoid Delays on Your Home Addition Project

How to Avoid Delays on Your Home Addition Project

There is nothing more fulfilling than starting a home addition project. After staying in your home for some time, you might want to expand the property or have additional floors or rooms. The chances are that you have a growing family, or your kids have become teens or adults now. When it comes to such a project, you’ll have a home construction timeline to follow, and the last thing you’ll want to experience is an interruption during the actual process.

In this article, we will share how you can avoid delays on your home addition project:

1. Start with a home vision and plan

As with any home construction project, the process must start with a solid vision. At this juncture, you may probably be thinking about having separate rooms for your teens, extending your kitchen space, or expanding your living room. But before you can turn this vision into a reality, you must have proper planning and preparation. You have to talk to the experts and get into specific details, from the house design to material acquisition down to the actual construction.

2. Hire and work with the right contractor

If you want your home addition project to be accomplished on time, you need to work with a highly reliable contractor. All it takes is to search online for prospects, ask for quotes, and compare their costs and services. Likewise, be sure to factor in their construction knowledge and skills, as well as their field of specialization and experiences in the industry. From there, you can narrow down your options and talk to a few worthy prospects before deciding on the best contractor for your project.

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3. Obtain the required permits

To avoid any delays or interruptions, keep in mind that you must get all the necessary permits from the proper authority before taking the plunge. The last thing you’ll ever want to happen is for your project to be halted because you and your contractor failed to get the required permits.

4. Set the home addition project timeline

A key aspect of the overall project is setting the home addition project timeline. You and your contractor must schedule every stage of your construction—from designing to pre-construction and procurement to the actual construction and its completion. Every stakeholder involved must be aware of the set schedule, strictly comply, and work towards a common goal so that there will be no delays during the construction.

5. Perform the actual construction

Once you have settled the previous steps, only then can you get into the actual construction. But as mentioned above, the timeline of the construction project must be strictly followed while ensuring both quality and timely delivery of service. Ultimately, working with the right people—from your home contractor to your subcontractors and tradespeople—can make all the difference in your home addition project.


At this point, you now know what it takes to avoid delays on your home addition project. As we’ve discussed above, be sure to start with a home vision and plan, hire and work with the right contractor, obtain the required permits, get the home addition project timeline, and perform the actual construction. With all these key steps in place, you’ll ensure a successful home addition project that’s completed on time!

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