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Mistakes You Should Avoid When Remodeling Your Bathroom

You have a lot of responsibilities as a homeowner, some of which are regular maintenance, making sure each room looks its best, and occasional remodeling. One of the most popular and tedious remodeling projects that improve your home’s overall aesthetics is a bathroom remodel. 

Bathroom remodeling can add incredible value to your home, especially when done right. However, because it is one of the most challenging spaces to renovate, you’ll require some expertise to do it effectively. Unlike other rooms, you can’t just move fixtures around in bathrooms. This is why you must work with expert general contractors when you’re going to take on this challenging project. 

Are you beginning your bathroom remodeling soon? You’ve probably been reading tips to get you started with the project. However, many don’t discuss the mistakes that you should avoid. Don’t worry! Because in this article, we’ll share with you remodeling mistakes that you shouldn’t make. Let’s get to it!

Going for marble flooring

Although marble is a luxurious and elegant surface feature that would improve the aesthetics of your space, having marble flooring may not be the smartest choice for your bathroom. Besides it being costly, it is also quite impractical because it gets too cold, slippery, and difficult to maintain. 

Marble’s porous nature makes it highly sensitive to stains and damages, especially when not sealed regularly. If you want to incorporate marble in your bathroom, consider adding it as accent pieces to your wall or use it as a countertop surface instead. 

Disregarding smart storage solutions

One of the many mistakes homeowners make is that they compromise storage and shelving to make way for trendier bathroom designs. 

It’s important to consider incorporating smart storage solutions because this will add value to your home since your bathroom has excellent design and functionality. Many homebuyers don’t appreciate it when design is prioritized rather than utility, so it’s best to keep this in mind. 

To have better storage, it’s best to work with professional general contractors because they’ll know secret storage tips and tricks to incorporate in your new bathroom’s design. 

Overlooking ventilation

Another mistake that you should avoid is forgetting to install proper ventilation in your bathrooms. It’s essential that your bathroom has sufficient fresh air circulation because a damp bathroom can be a dangerous breeding ground for mold. 

When having your bathroom remodeled, ensure that you include an exhaust fan in your plans and remodeling budget.

Neglecting electrical outlets

A common design mistake is that some forget to put in the right amount of electrical outlets in the bathroom. Your bathroom should have a sufficient amount of electrical outlets for electric toothbrushes, blow dryers, curling irons, and more. Besides that, they need to be placed strategically and safely to avoid any accidents. 

If you’re worried about aesthetics, consider installing pop-out outlets on your walls. These outlets can hide on the surface of your wall when not in use, and you can pop them out when you need them.

Not having a safety net

When you’re going through a bathroom remodel, the prices will vary and can change from time to time. Because of this, it’s crucial to have a safety budget just in case you have to deal with costly surprises and last-minute changes. 

Sometimes, right after remodeling is the only time you’ll notice a faulty installation or a leak. Because of this, make sure you have ample wiggle room in your budget for unexpected issues. 


Bathroom remodeling is a big deal, and it’s a type of home project that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re getting your bathroom remodeled soon, remember these mistakes and make sure you avoid them. Working with expert general contractors will help you have a smoother remodeling process and eliminate these significant mistakes. 

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