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5 Home Improvements That Are Popular During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is brutal for many people, as almost all industries took a big hit from the virus’s spread. People’s safety was compromised, and many were left in a shock without knowing what to do. Governments, people, and businesses were battling it on all levels, which was challenging due to the lack of a proper cure to the illnesses it gave people. 

Fortunately, COVID-19 is expected to ease up slowly in 2021, which will be great for the economy and the world. Life must go on despite all the challenges and threats, and carrying on with daily duties should be done with care. One industry that’s thriving in the pandemic-stricken world is home developments and improvements. Home contractors are in high demand because they have to oversee operations due to work from home parameters. Here are the most popular improvements people make when conducting home remodeling in Sacramento amidst COVID-19:

1. Bathroom Renovation

Since the bathroom is one of the most intimate spaces, it pays to ensure it is well-designed. Some homes or apartments have old-style bathrooms that require a fixer-upper. New tiles, new fixtures, and other layout improvements can be a good idea to modify while you work from home. Being at home can allow you to closely monitor your bathroom renovation job’s progress, which gives you full control over what goes on in the house while you clock in work. 

2. Kitchen Renovations

If you’re getting tired of the dull space you’re using to cook your meals, kitchen renovations are a great way to improve the area’s flow and layout. While you can add new appliances and implement modern designs, home contractors can also add new spaces to be used as sitting and working areas with great lighting. Many people love a revamped kitchen because these become working areas that are comfortable and clean. 

3. Deck Addition

Some people want to have a deck added to their backyard but don’t have the time for it. This home component is a great addition to add when it comes to outdoor remodeling, as you can put an alfresco dining area and even a grill on it for parties once COVID-19 subsides. People are using this time to prepare their homes for future gatherings, which will be met with open arms as soon as everything is safe. 

4. Roofing Replacement

As spring is starting to come up over the horizon, this is the perfect time to run a roofing inspection to see if anything was damaged over the previous year and season. Springtime is the best time to have a roof repaired because of the excellent weather that allows home contractors to operate seamlessly. 

5. Landscape Design

Speaking of spring, working on a backyard atmosphere can give incredible aesthetics, making hosting people a breeze when COVID-19 eases up. This process can combine with a deck and other outdoor landscaping to create a beautiful garden that is green and clean. You might even be able to add a pond or a few planting spaces for edible crops. 


People are using this time of being at home to renovate and improve their homes. With the help of home contractors, plenty of remodeling jobs can create livable and workable spaces that fit the needs of all kinds of clients. This list is a short one of only some of the most popular improvement jobs, which is practically endless provided you have the time and budget to conduct these. 

Cobex Construction is a general contractor in Sacramento that serves the local area with various home improvement projects. Whether you need a new roof, a cleaner-looking home, or new renovations, we’re your best bet! 

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