Sergey Kopychuk

Sergey Kopychuck

Sergey Kopychuk, like his partner Dmitriy, was born in the Ukraine. His Grandfather was imprisoned for

his religious beliefs, which motivated his family to move to the United States when he was two years old.

Although Sergey has no vivid memories of living in Ukraine, he was raised in a family culture forged

through the difficult conditions they suffered there. “I have tremendous respect and admiration for my

family. What they were forced to endure was tragic. Survival required them to stay humble and keep

their head down to avoid being noticed.”, he shares. “The idea of setting big, ambitious goals was a

luxury they couldn’t afford. Being in America allowed me to dream in ways that was foreign to my


As a youth, Sergey recalls having a passion for basketball, but little interest in school. His first job was at

Albertson’s grocery store at age 16. “It felt good to work hard and really apply myself. I wanted to excel

at whatever I did. After about a year, I asked my brother if I could work for his painting business. We

were raised in the same household, so we shared a strong work ethic and obsession for quality work.”

Four years later, the construction industry slowed, and Sergey decided to accept a job in cellular sales. In

2010, he was discussing his passion for construction with his friend Dmitriy from church. They bonded

over their shared desire to get back in the business and eventually found a huge demand for property

preservation contractors. Sergey remembers those early days fondly as he was finally able to chase his

dreams of building a successful business. “I developed the ability to create solid relationships and land

big deals. There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when a new customer agrees to give us a

shot!”, stated Sergey.

Sergey and Dmitriy diversified their business ventures into new construction as well. “Throughout our

experiences in the industry, we became frustrated with the way business was done in the construction

industry. Too often, when contractors work with new customers, they are self-serving and lacking in

transparency.”, remembers Sergey. “Dmitriy and I began to fantasize about creating a different kind of

construction company that transformed the customer experience into something stress free and

completely transparent. Our extensive experience in property preservation and new construction was

ideal preparation for a home improvement business. And it all came together nicely when we spoke to

Vazgen and realized that his passion, experience and skill set was the perfect compliment to ours. Soon

Cobex Construction Group was born.”

Sergey and his wife Annie have three young children; two girls and a boy. They love to spend their free

time creating memories with them and enjoying their extended family and church community. Although

it is not easy to find the time, Sergey tries to unwind as much as possible by hiking, fishing and camping.

When he can, he enjoys watching basketball and soccer. “There is never enough time to do all the things

I enjoy, but my faith and family comes first.”, he admits. “When they are a little older, we can do the

outdoors together.”

“My parents and grandparents did not dare to dream big. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity

America has provided me and my family.”, Sergey shares. “I appreciate being able to dream and plan for

success. By spending most of my life in the U.S., I was able to grow up in a culture that encourages

personal growth and professional development. There is no limit to what can be achieved in this


As for his business partners, Sergey is grateful to share this experience with two men that he has such

admiration for. “Dmitriy is very detail-oriented and has built numerous connections that have helped

our company. Vazgen has great people skills and ensures that our Project Consultants create an

unsurpassed experience for our customers. I am results oriented and care deeply about ensuring that

we exceed the expectations of every customer. As we have grown, we add team members that are

passionate about quality, personal development and augmenting our family atmosphere. Together, we

cover all the bases and enjoy working in such a special place.”