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The Best Things You Can Do When Remodeling Your Tiny Bathroom

Bathrooms were generally small up until a number of years ago. Majority of them did not go bigger than 5 feet by 8 feet, which was enough space for a toilet, shower and tub combination, as well as a vanity. There’s an understandable misconception that remodeling gets more challenging the smaller a bathroom gets. This is largely because tearing down existing walls is seen as a necessity in order to create more openness and space.

However, your Sacramento general contractor will tell you that if you’re planning to work with whatever you have on hand, smart choices are crucial. A small bathroom can still be able to feel and look bigger than it is through the right amenities, colors, and fixtures.

Here are some of the best things you can do to remodel your tiny bathroom:

Avoid Dark Colors

Whether it’s your furnishings or wall paint, keeping it light is the best way to go. Small spaces that end up with dark colors could give off a cave feeling, which is the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. 

Try to go with a color scheme that’s monochromatic. A rather popular wall paint color as of late has been soft gray. Looking to get some color in? There are color choices which are very on-trend, like butter yellow, icy blue, seafoam green, and warm white. When paired with white trim as well as cabinetry, they all do exceptionally well in helping a tiny bathroom open up.

Light shades within the same color family in terms of furniture and paint ensures that you won’t have to worry about strong, contrasting hues that minimize a room. Another good idea is to talk to your Roseville general contractor so that your wall’s color matches the floor tile. By doing so, the room’s corners will essentially disappear and give off a spacious vibe. When it comes to the ceiling, keep it white.

Use Pops of Color

While the walls and trim should essentially be light, that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any color in your bathroom. You can add a splash of color by accessorizing smartly. Want to add an energetic kick to your bathroom? See about getting towels in a bright, bold red and maybe a soap dispenser to match. The floors will be able to get a nice pop of color and texture when you get a patterned rug. Doing this also makes switching up the look later on much easier. You can get a whole new look and feel when you change your accessories and textiles.


Tiny bathrooms may seem harder to remodel since there’s not much space to work with, but it’s simply not the case. There are a handful of creative tweaks that can be done without having to break any walls down. Accessorizing, choosing the right colors, and keeping things light are crucial factors. Make sure you’re working with a home remodel contractor that you trust to deliver your vision with quality in a timely manner.

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