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Tips on How to Save on Your Bathroom Renovation Project

The bathroom is one of the most overused rooms in the house, making it one of the fastest to wear out due to moisture exposure and usage frequency. It is not a surprise that it is the part of the house that usually undergoes a remodeling project. Anyone who wants to upgrade their home bathrooms knows that the job will not be easy nor cheap!

If you plan on updating your bathroom’s look, you might want to know the tips on how to stay within your budget and still have an output you will be proud of. Here are some you can follow: 

Tip 1: Stay updated with the latest trends

Trends are not only about designs. They can also be about the latest materials and methods to make your bathroom more energy or water-efficient. By staying up to date with the recent innovations and smart technology, you can save up more and make your bathroom better looking and functioning. 

Keep an eye out for the trends that support your goals. If you want to go green, you can look up eco-friendly bathroom ideas to help protect the environment while keeping your expenses low!

Tip 2: Aim for simplicity

If you want to stay within your budget, the best thing to do is to keep your bathroom design simple. Instead of having multiple fixtures to give you the perfect bath experience, why not settle for a simple fixture that will offer numerous functions? 

List down your priorities so you can budget your money wisely. Assess if what you think you need is indeed necessary and eliminate it if it isn’t. 

Tip 3: Learn to recycle some materials

You will assuredly find one or two items in your bathroom that you can still reuse in your new bathroom design. Remember that bathroom renovations do not have to be a complete overhaul. 

If you want to spend less on this project, consider reusing your bathroom items that are still in good condition. If there is no problem with your current fixtures or tiles, there is nothing wrong with sticking with them.  

Tip 4: Find better alternatives

If your goal is to completely change the look and feel of your bathroom and recycling materials will not help you meet that objective, there is another way to save some cash. Expand your options and look for other alternative sources that can still provide you with the quality materials you are looking for. 

Consider checking vintage or secondhand shops for materials you can add to your bathroom. You will also find unique items in flea markets or local craft makers! Make sure to know what you want first to make the search easier for you. 

Tip 5: Invest in quality materials and products

Sometimes, quality materials come with a price. Although they will not help you save up on your budget now, investing in them can extend your bathroom’s lifespan. Buying expensive yet quality materials is always better than repeatedly repairing or replacing low-quality items. 

Since the bathroom is a high-traffic and mostly-used room in the house, it is vital to use materials that will survive for many years. Consider this when making your decisions.

Tip 6: Add more storage

One major problem found in most bathrooms is the lack of storage space. It results in a cluttered and dirty-looking bathroom. If you want to add a new feature that will bring a new look to your bathroom, adding storage is the best solution you should invest in. Consider it part of your main priorities when doing the renovation. 


To make the most out of your bathroom renovation, you need to know what to prioritize and find ways to save some of your budget. When buying materials, quality is always important—but try to look for options before settling on one. By making smart decisions, your bathroom renovation is sure to be a successful endeavor that won’t break the bank.

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