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Transform Your Backyard With These Landscaping Tips

Many people have decided to take on new home improvement projects, especially with more time being spent at home. To add to that, with spring fast approaching, nothing is more timely than working on landscaping your backyard! Transforming this space to be more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing can do wonders for your health and increase your home’s value at the same time. 

Backyard landscaping takes plenty of time and careful thought to ensure that the design you envision comes to life the way you pictured it. However, knowing where to start might be a little daunting with so many aspects to consider! 

To help you out, here are some great tips to get you started on transforming your backyard. 

Start with Xeriscaping 

Starting with what you have in your backyard is an easy first step into landscaping it. 

Xeriscaping is a process that uses plants that naturally thrive in the given environment, reducing the need for costly irrigation procedures to keep your plants well-watered. Surrounding the naturally occurring plants in your area with different types of rock will add great curb appeal, color, and variety to your landscape design as well. 

This process reduces stress and is less time consuming since you’re working with what will grow easily in your yard. This method is also ideal for first-time landscapers. 

Artificial Turf is Recommended

There’s a common misconception that everything in your landscaping project has to be authentic and natural. However, this can be very limiting, especially when sourcing certain materials. It can also turn out to be very costly in the long run too! 

Investing in artificial turf instead will pay off with greater benefits over the long-term. For instance, getting artificial grass will be much easier to maintain than dealing with unsightly, dead grass during off-seasons. When done correctly, you can have a picture-perfect lawn without expending too much energy and effort after the initial installation. 

Be Creative With Old Items

Improving your backyard doesn’t have to go much further than looking into your own home. 

While most of the major changes are accomplished by general contractors, you can add a unique touch to your design using upcycled materials from your home. Using old tires to make flower beds or repainting old tins and containers can add a rustic feel to your overall design. 

Let your creativity take over; you never know what those old slabs of wood can contribute to your new backyard!

Add a Firepit

An easy way to upgrade your backyard is to install a firepit. This will allow you and your family to enjoy more activities in the backyard since it creates a very outdoorsy, camping atmosphere! If you have space, then consider adding a patio as well. 

When contracting landscaping professionals to install the firepit, check to see that they use high-quality products to ensure the longevity of the structure. 


Undertaking a landscaping project is a great way to productively add value to your property as people continue spending their time indoors. Transforming your backyard into a space that you can use to unwind and spend quality time with loved ones can make the time spent at home more enjoyable. Not only that, but an aesthetically pleasing and well-kept backyard will add more curb appeal to your property. By hiring the right qualified professionals, you can ensure that your landscaping goals are met and that you get the best result possible. 

Here at Cobex Construction Group, we provide various general construction solutions and services, such as backyard landscaping, patio covers, roofing, siding, and window installations. If you’re undertaking a backyard landscaping transformation or looking for home remodeling services near you, get in touch with us today!

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