What to Know Before Taking on a Bathroom Remodel

So, you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom. This isn’t at all surprising considering how important the bathroom is to the home because it is one of the most used spaces in your house. In fact, people spend hundreds of hours in the bathroom annually. Given its importance, the last thing you want to do is to jump into making major bathroom renovations without thinking things through beforehand.

To help make this process easier, we’ve put together a list of things that you need to know before remodeling your bathroom. Keep these things in mind to ensure that your project goes as smoothly as possible:

Have a Solid Plan

While it’s entirely possible to approach remodeling in a free-flowing manner, this is one stage that can cause problems down the line. As such, it’s in your best interest to have a detailed plan on how you’ll be approaching the renovations. 

In this stage, you can hire a designer or try to do this yourself. If you’re going to go at it alone, it is best to make use of tools to help make planning easier. Apps such as Buildshop or HomeZada allow you to be more hands-on with the designing process and might be something you want to check out.

Check for Leaks and Other Complications

Leaks and other complications can cause some serious setbacks during the remodeling process. For this reason, you’ll want to check for any leaks or faulty pipes before undergoing major bathroom renovations.

Leaks, in particular, can cause some serious water damage if left unchecked and render your remodeling useless. To avoid this, check the common culprits for leaks, such as the toilet, faucet, and showerhead, as these get naturally worn down due to daily use.

What You Can and Can’t DIY

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, there is an option to DIY some of the renovations. However, the key is knowing what you can or can’t do yourself. While it is great to save money and take on certain aspects of the overall remodel alone, doing it incorrectly will cause some serious complications in the long run.

Fixtures like lights, shelves, and racks will be more practical to do yourself. However, plumbing is a totally different matter. If you want to install a new shower, sink, or toilet, it will be best to hire home contractors to oversee the project. This makes things easier for you, as they’ll be handling everything from the materials to the labor!

Consider Safety When Remodeling

It must always be in your best interest to consider safety when remodeling your bathroom. This is doubly true if you live with small children or the elderly. Due to the water and slippery surfaces, people often slip and fall in bathrooms. One way to reduce the chances of this happening is by designing your bathroom in a way that mitigates these issues.

For example, installing non-slip tiles and safety bars will go a long way when it comes to preventing accidents. While aesthetics are important, a good balance of form and function will go a long way when it comes to remodeling your bathroom.


While remodeling your bathroom may seem difficult, making the proper preparations can make it infinitely easier. By planning things out and following the tips shared above, you can prevent costly mistakes that will derail your renovations. Ultimately, it is best to work with professional contractors who will ensure a smooth and successful bathroom remodeling project!

If you are looking to take on remodeling projects soon, you’ve come to the right place. At Cobex Construction Group, we employ expert general contractors in Sacramento that can help you make your vision come to life. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and get a free quote!

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