Vazgen Dallakyan

Vazgen (vaz) Dallakyan

When Vazgen (Vaz) was a toddler, his family moved from Armenia to the U.S. in pursuit of safety and

freedom. His Grandfather instilled in Vaz a belief that, in America, he would be successful if he worked

hard and stayed true to himself.


Vaz was profoundly influenced by his father who found a job as a painter and worked long hours to

provide for a family of nine. When Vaz was 11, he would go to work with his Dad where he learned first-

hand the importance of hard work and the pride of quality craftmanship. “The older I get, the more I

realize and appreciate what I learned by working with my Father for so many years. This business is in

my blood.”


After high school, Vaz decided to continue his education to honor his Grandfather’s prediction of career

success. He earned his AA degree in Math and Science and purchased his first house, converting it to a

rental and renovating the property. He loved the experience, but he was also compelled to complete his

education, earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology.


Vaz parlayed his degree into an extremely successful career as a Master level Personal Trainer. He

employed the work ethic modeled for him by his Father and reached the elite levels of his profession.

But he was raised in the construction industry and he couldn’t escape the gratifying feeling involved

with his previous purchase and renovation of his rental property. He decided to buy and renovate a

condominium as rental property #2. And others followed.


Vaz remembers feeling torn between his accomplished master training career and the heart tug he felt

from construction. Fate intervened in 2017 when two friends from his church asked him his opinion on a

business they were creating. Vaz recalls, “Their idea was to provide homeowners seeking home

improvements with a trustworthy company that offers a stress-free customer experience and the finest

quality workmanship. The more we talked the more we realized that our values and dreams were

aligned. Before we finished that conversation, I wanted in on this venture and they concurred.”

At Cobex, Vaz is responsible for the business operations and supervises the team of Project Consultants

that work directly with homeowners to understand their home improvement dreams and the best path

to make them a reality. “The most rewarding part of Cobex’s early success is that our customers value

what we are bringing to the marketplace. We remove the stress, hassle and cynicism from home

improvement. They comment all the time that we really are a different kind of home improvement



Vaz and his Wife Marina have two young sons and two dogs. When he has the chance to play, he enjoys

fitness, hiking and reading. Vaz values his weekends, “I surround myself with faith, family and friends. It

is my opportunity to remind myself what is really important, to be thankful for every bit of it and to

recharge my batteries for the upcoming challenges of growing our business.”


“It is a true blessing to satisfy my life’s purpose by building a successful home improvement company

with two friends I respect and trust. I bounce out of bed each morning eager and grateful to fulfill my

Grandfathers vision for me upon arriving in America. I am proud that we have created a family focused

company that provides jobs for those that share our vision of integrity and hard work. Every day, in

every way, I try to be better and I’m pleased that my fellow Cobex team members do the same. What

we are building is truly special!”

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