Double Pane Windows

Windows that keep the cold out and the warm in. Always.

Cobex trusts Anlin for all of our custom window and sliding door jobs. With their 29 years of experience making custom windows, they are our go-to supplier for all window related products. This allows us to keep our results consistent. 

Why do we use Anlin Windows?

Energy Efficient.

Noise Reducing.

Locally Manufactured.

Engineered by Professionals.

Pounds of Recycled Paper
Pounds of Recycled Vinyl
Years of Experience

Custom Made windows

Cobex believes in providing the highest quality to our customers, that is why we trust Anlin to supply our custom made windows. We avoid pre-made windows because matches as well as a custom made window. This also allows us to create complicated designs and structures. 

Energy Efficient Windows

The windows Cobex offers are always focused around energy efficient. Being double pain, and filled with argon gas, allows the windows to be extremely insulating. This allows the windows to be energy efficient, not letting temperature and noise transfer through. 

Our windows all come with a lifetime, transferable, manufacturers warranty, giving you the peace of mind that you will be protected from the harsh outside elements.

Other Key Features

Reduces noise by up to 70%

Custom made for California homes

Solar Guarded High Performance Glass with Low E3 

Fusion Welded Corners 

Increases your Homes Security, CA Forced Entry Certified

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