Many people have doubts about solar, but numbers don't lie.

Solar is for those who are paying more than 200$ a month in utility bills. Or for those who want to get a new roof installed, but would like to use their 26% tax credit applied to the roof as well as a new solar system. 

It is for those who are looking to get their roof replaced and want to take advantage of the California 26% Tax Refund off of their roof and solar project. 

It is for those who want to lock in their utility payment, and to stop dealing with utility company’s ever increasing rates. 

Note the 26% Tax Refund will be decreasing to 22% next year and will be completely gone within a few years. 

Save 26 % on your roof and solar combo project !

It is no question that going solar will help you in the long run, the question is if we can save you money now, rather than later. 


With our amazing solar financing options we can possibly get your monthly payment for your Roof & Solar to be lower than what you are already paying just for your electricity!

Here are some people we have helped and their case studies.

These Charts show how much their roof project would cost without solar and then how much it costs combined with solar. You can also see a savings with solar by itself, not combined with a roof. 

Solar Case Study for Diane

Diane and Greg were effectively able to get a new roof and gutter system installed for just 95$ a month after subtracting the savings from their solar.

Warner Solar Case Study

Warner was able to get a new roof and gutter system installed for effectively 14$ a month, after subtracting how much he would’ve paid for his utility bill.  (104$ – 90$)

Martiza Solar Case Study

For 75 $ a month (price after previous utility bills are subtracted from her monthly payment) Martiza is able to get a new roof and gutters! (220$ – 145$)

Jorge managed to get rid of his insane monthly bills and get a brand new presidential roof with extensive engineering done!

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