3 Tips to Consider Before Hiring Exterior Home Painters

Giving your home that much-needed fresh coat of paint may seem easier to do by yourself, especially if you are on a roll with your home improvements. However, you really can’t expect much if you lack the expertise and tools. That’s why hiring home contractors experienced in exterior painting is a necessity. But what exactly should you be mindful of before you plan your next construction project? 

This article will discuss three crucial tips to remember when hiring exterior home painters. Take this as an opportunity to oversee your residential property’s successful paint job, whether your home is newly constructed or not. This way, you can save more money, have an easier time 

reselling your house, and enjoy other compelling benefits that make your painting service worthwhile. 

1. Never choose painters based only on their rates

When you are building or renovating your home, you know that a lot of time, money, and effort goes into it. It means cheaper upfront construction costs don’t automatically mean it’s the most ideal for your home, just as expensive quotes also don’t necessarily offer high-quality services. The same can be said for exterior painting, especially when comparing different home contractors’ estimates and features. 

As such, you should consider what your house needs when it comes to the paint. For instance, you may need water-resistant paint since you know your community gets a lot of rain. So if you find a home contractor with slightly more expensive quotes but offer more value to your exterior than others, you should consider it. You can also refer to your home builder’s advice for further recommendations. 

2. Get contractors with various homeowner-compliant paint colors 

You have to find the right balance between your chosen exterior design elements and their compliance with the homeowner’s association (HOA). It means you cannot merely go about painting your home without reading the guidelines set in your neighborhood. That’s why it may be more beneficial to hire home contractors near you who are well-versed in these local stipulations. 

Remember, if you go against your HOA’s rules, you can get fined and become an outcast among your neighbors. You may even have to move to another community if you cannot see eye to eye with your association. 

If you have an experienced home contractor, you can select a favorable paint option that matches your desired aesthetic preferences. This way, you can have the perfect paint color that complements your other exterior features while adhering to the HOA’s rules. 

3. Prioritize a home construction company with tests and rendering solution for your house

You may have your heart set on certain shades and color options, but it may look different once it’s done on your home’s exterior. So you need to find ways to test and determine if a particular paint is ideal for your property. 

Luckily, some general contractors have either paint tests on surfaces, different swatches, and even digital rendering to help you better visualize the finished project. Therefore, you can either finalize your decisions or make the necessary adjustments before applying fresh paint coats. 


Your house’s exterior paint job is an essential part of your real estate investment, especially in the long run. That’s why you need to pick the right home painters. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of what to look into as you compare various construction experts’ services. Get your house painted and find professional, reputable home contractors near you today! 

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