Focusing on quality and energy efficient products is the focus of cobex


We offer multiple different types of Roofing solutions, all with they're own unique benefits.


Double pane windows are the most effective way to make your home more energy efficient.


Our paint will not only give your home a new look, but will also protect you and save you money!


Keeping your home cool and keeping the costs low is something that we specialize in.

Patio Covers

The best way to enjoy the Summer Weather without getting burned to a crisp.


Landscaping allows you to express your unmatched creativity through your home.


You spend on average an hour a day in the kitchen. Shouldn't it be the nicest kitchen you've ever seen?


Solar panels almost always guarantee lower electricity payments for your home.


The only thing more relieving than a comfortable bathroom, is - well there isn't anything else is there?


Having a deck gives you more livable space in the outdoors.

Commercial Roofing

Roofing thats specifically designed to keep your over head spendings low and give your business a beautiful look.

Commercial Solar

Solar will help you save on your electricity bills and will keep your overhead costs low.

Commercial Painting

A fresh coat of paint and heat reflective coating is sure to keep your business energy efficient and cost effective.

Get a Quote Today

Contact us and ask what offers we have available for you today !

Get a Quote Today

Contact us and ask what offers we have available for you today !