Do it once. Do it right.  Do it better.  Do it best. 

Lifetime Paint For Residential and Commercial

Everyone paints their home and their business on average once every 5 years or so. Even though a cheap coat of paint might seem cost effective at first, over time the costs do ad up. Cobex believes in doing something right the first time, hence our motto “Do it once. Do it Right.” Cool-Wall painting systems by Tex-Cote is what we always recommend to customers when they want to paint they’re home. Cool Wall is a lifetime product that does not fade and will last on your home for many decades to come.

Regular paint is available for all projects as-well. Including Residential and Commercial, Interior and Exterior Paint. 

Features of Cool wall coating

- Made in the Usa -

- Life time warranty -

- Exterior and Interior -

- Commercial and Residential -

Energy efficient; Can lower home or business wall temperatures by as much as 40 degrees

cool wall is so heat reflective that the military uses it on tanks to avoid detection.

Reduces cooling energy costs for your home by 20%

Helps reduce building fatigue

Caused by constant expansion and contraction of the walls, due to fluctuating temperatures. Cool wall helps reduce this by keeping the temperature fluctuations minimal. The decrease of building fatigue will allow buildings to last longer and stay stronger for longer. 

Cool wall is also water proof
this means its used on :

Cool Wall is stronger brighter better

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