4 Major Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

Replacing your home’s windows is not always just a remodeling job meant for home improvement—it’s also one for the overall wellness of the entire structure of your building. In fact, for homeowners who live in old houses, having windows replaced is a long-term home investment that can help save on costs in the future!

If you’re not sure whether it’s time to swap out your aging windows, then here are four major signs that’ll tell you it’s now:

1 – Safety Concerns and Issues 

No matter how safe you think your neighborhood is, you can never be sure. Windows are a common choice of passage for robbery and home invasions, which is why they need to be secure at night and on hours and days when you’re not around. If your windows are old, difficult to open and close, or the glass simply looks so weathered out and thin like it’s about to break, then that’s certainly a safety concern. 

Have a remodeling contractor take a look at your windows’ material quality and build. They can figure out the best way to make your house’s window frame more secure! They can also get you good glass material at the right size to make sure there are no gaps. 

2 – Energy Costs are Higher than Usual

If you notice a spike in your electric bills, it may be because there are way too many bulbs on at the same time or the thermostat has to be adjusted every now and then. What these two expenses have in common is they can be much lower if you replace your windows. 

Natural light is not only prettier than artificial light; it is free and requires no energy to power! Having your lights on the whole day will surely run your light bill up. But if your windows were just clear enough to let all the natural light in during the day, especially in such a sunny area like Sacramento, you may very well cut your light usage in half.

On those rare days when you have a draft coming in despite having the windows closed, that is a sign that there are cracks in corners that may not be visible to you. Because of the cold, you may find yourself turning up the thermostat. If you replace your windows, then you won’t have the need to do so.

3 – High Maintenance Problem

Old windows can get dirty much quicker but can take longer to clean. That’s because grime and mold may have already started to form due to time and neglect. You could save so much more time and costs on window cleaning products if you replaced your windows with newer ones.  

4 – Lackluster Curb Appeal

Home improvements like window replacements are not just long-term investments to save a buck in the future. They’re also a necessary renovation move that improves your overall home life with the people you live in.

A house doesn’t feel like a home if you don’t see it that way. When you pull up to the curb and see the outside of your house and not like what you see, it’s hard to call it yours! Windows are major features of your house’s exterior. Having them replaced can help change the entire look from the outside and can change the mood from the inside. 


As soon as you notice signs of wear and tear on your windows, it’s best to get them replaced right away. Getting your windows replaced is not a project you want to take on yourself. After all, measurements should be spot on, materials should be worth their quality, and installation should be done right the first time. For that, you would need to hire a professional contractor to help you out!

Are you looking for a reliable remodeling contractor to handle your window replacements? Cobex Construction Group can get it done fast for houses in Sacramento, CA. We’re a general contractor that specializes in providing solutions for roofing, windows, sidings, and painting. Request a free quote now to start your remodeling project!

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