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Getting a reputable five star General Contractor that is also a Roofing Contractor in Lincoln is a difficult task. Lincoln is quickly growing economically, however it is lacking in infrastructure to sustain this growth. For this reason Cobex is making it our mission to help the growing city with it’s growing pains.

Cobex Construction Group the Lincoln Roofer for you.

Finding a good Roofer in Lincoln can be a bit difficult. The city is growing at a rate at which the city can’t support. Cobex is willing to come out to Lincoln for all home improvement projects.

People want to work with trusted General Contractors. And Cobex is willing to fill that need for our backyard neighbors. Cobex has 30 years of combined experience and is one of the highest rated and fastest growing Modern General Contractor in the California.

Why a General Contractor With a Roofing License is Best.

When you hire a Lincoln general contractor to work for you, You should always double check to see if they have their own Roofing License. More often than not, general contractors do not have their own roofing license, and will sub out the roofing project to the cheapest local Lincoln Roofer that may or may not be licensed.

We have heard many horror stories about people getting a faulty roof installed because the general contractor they hired subbed out the work to a horrible roofer.

So we recommend going with a company that has a roofing license, and has a good track record. Double check there reviews and look at their work as well.

Lincoln Roofer

Much More Than a Roofer.

Cobex Construction Group can be so much more than just your go-to Lincoln Roofer. Cobex Construction Group is a General Contractor that focuses on providing the best in quality for homeowners and real estate agents alike. Having over 30 years of combined construction experience gives us the unique position to offer the best warranties in our industry for all of our products. This also allows us to provide packaged services, allowing us to give you a lower overall price.

I recommend everyone to read into their Contractor that they are looking to hire. Make sure that they have great reviews and that all concerning reviews were properly addressed. Too many people get pressured into a sale that they later regret because the contractor was unfavorable.

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