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5 Important Things to Prepare Before Remodeling Your Home

All things fall to wear and tear eventually. There may come a time when your beloved home falls into disrepair. Whether it is to repair existing issues or to just breathe new life into your home, a remodel or renovation is always an option.

That being said, a big renovation can be a tedious and stressful endeavor, especially to the uninitiated. As such, we have made this list of tips and tricks to make this process run more smoothly and with less stress for everyone involved, compiled from the top general contractors in Sacramento. With no further ado, here they are:

1. Prepare for discussions with your general contractor

Organizing a remodel project with your general contractor can seem intimidating, but such professionals have enough experience to plan construction projects in such a way that it minimizes your inconvenience. You can have a discussion with them about your timeline, deliverables, objectives, budget, and other concerns. 

The more prepared you are for this, the more smoothly this step can go. Just make sure you listen to the concerns of your contractor and take them into account. This can minimize any problems and disagreements you might encounter down the line. 

2. Prepare a temporary kitchen

If your kitchen will be out of commission for a few days or weeks, try to set up a temporary place to cook. After all, it would be incredibly expensive to rely entirely on takeout meals. 

Just find a space where you can plug in a minifridge, a microwave, or other appliances. Camping stoves and cans of butane are also fairly affordable from hardware stores and can be set up in the backyard or garage temporarily. Just make sure to make this as far from the area of construction as possible. 

3. Keep all the receipts

One of the easiest ways to go over your budget is to neglect the management of the spending—essentially, of the receipts. The more meticulous your management of the spending, the more you can control the budget. File these away carefully, and maybe download a document scanning app to help you photograph them. Having a digital record will always prove useful in case you need to refer to something once again. 

4. Iron out the contract

The contract is one of the most important parts of any construction project. Having a document that everyone can refer to helps keep the objectives and goals of the project clear. It can outline deliverables from both parties, from what the results of the project should be to how much everything should cost. If your contractor wants to avoid a contract, that should be cause for suspicion, as nothing would legally bind them to finish your project should problems arise. 

5. Move your most valuable possessions out of your house

Items like jewelry, high-value art, and other precious and irreplaceable items should be moved into storage elsewhere, especially if the construction will leave certain parts of your house open or vulnerable. This could mean opening up a safety deposit box, renting a storage unit, or simply having a trusted relative care for these possessions. Doing this minimizes the possibility of your priceless possessions being damaged or lost. 

Final thoughts 

While you are likely to feel a bit of stress throughout the construction process, few things are as fulfilling as seeing your remodel come to fruition. Your home could feel more like home once your repairs and remodel are complete. Not only that, but you would add more value to it should you decide to sell the property.

If you’re looking for a general contractor in Sacramento to fix up your home, send us a message at Cobex Construction group for a free quote. We have over thirty years of experience, and provide lifetime warranties for everything. Let our 135 5-star reviews give you an idea of how dedicated we are to help your dream come true. 

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