5 Tips to Get a Timeless Roof Style for Your Home

When it comes to your home’s elements, your roof style is the biggest decision you have to make. Your roof will crown your home for many years. With that, you need to make sure that it looks perfect and complements your property. You can choose a timeless roof style that will deliver the best results. How? 

1. Get to Know the Rules

Before you start roof shopping, make sure you get to know the rules first. Some colors and styles may not be allowed by your homeowner’s association. Therefore, you need to speak to the administration first before you shop. 

If there are no restrictions, it won’t hurt to consider the roof styles of nearby homes. Sure, making your home stand out is a good idea, but you don’t want your home to look completely out of place, right? 

2. Honor Tradition

The architectural style of your home is essential to consider when shopping for a new roof. Not all styles can complement all roofing materials, and if they don’t, it can compromise your home’s value. Honor tradition as much as you can; don’t deviate too far away from the style, or it can be a recipe for disaster. 

3. Choose a Neutral Color

The color of your roof plays a crucial role not only for aesthetics but longevity. Roofs that are known to last longer are neutral-colored ones. Additionally, they can practically fit in with any exterior changes. Since we’re talking about timeless roof styles here, a neutral-colored one will never go out of style.

The most popular colors used are black, gray, and cedar. Black never goes out of style, and it works well with many siding options. Gray, which is basically a lighter shade of black, is also a favorite. 

Although there’s nothing wrong with having bold colors on your roof, you might want to think about it carefully, especially if you want something timeless. Bold colors aren’t necessarily timeless, even though they look pretty during a specific period. With bold colors, you could end up paying for more because you’d likely end up replacing your roof sooner than expected. 

4. Buy High-Quality Components

When it comes to roofing materials, don’t scrimp on the quality. Make sure you choose high-quality ones that can help your roof last longer. Moreover, this will help minimize long-term repair costs and reduce the cost of maintenance. 

5. Get Protection

If you want your roof to last longer, you need to invest in the right protection. Roof protection means proper maintenance, which is why you need to invest in one if you want your roof to be timeless. Consider a manufacturer’s warranty as well. Although you need to pay a little more for this, you can guarantee you’ll get the strongest warranty coverage out there. 


When it comes to choosing a roof style, it all comes down to its timeless elements, like the colors, the materials, and the kind of protection you add to it. You also need to know the rules in your neighborhood and honor tradition as much as possible. To make sure you get the right roof for you, consult a roofing professional. 

Cobex Construction Group is a reliable Sacramento roofing company in Sacramento that can help you achieve a timeless roof style. Contact us and get a free quote. 

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