Holiday Renovation

5 Ways to Get Your Holiday Renovation Done Just Right

The holidays are abuzz with excitement, events, and presents, all of which can be busy and, at times, stressful. Scheduling a home renovation can be hectic during this season, but it doesn’t mean it should be more complicated than it needs to be. 

Choosing the right home contractor can play a significant factor in how smooth your renovation process will go and keep frustrations at bay. After all, this busy yet most wonderful time of year tends to make emotions run high for almost everybody. 

Here are some of the best ways to get your holiday renovation just right:

1. Be Realistic and Accurate With Your Holiday Schedule

Being on the same page as your contractor at all times will save you plenty of confusion and potential disagreements about when parts of the renovation should be completed. By setting up a clear plan and timeline, you’ll be sure to get your backyard landscaping or any other renovation done before the holidays. You can also plan for the possibility of continuing this process after the holiday season.

2. Thoroughly Set Expectations on Holiday Plans

Contractors know that it’s a busy time of year; as such, it’s crucial to be transparent with them about your personal holiday schedule to prevent any conflicts with plans you may have. Be thorough with detailing which days are okay for work and which days you’ll request your contractor to pause. Having this discussion early on is key to a fuss-free holiday and renovation!

3. Be Transparent With Your Thoughts and Feelings

There will be times when your kitchen renovation isn’t going as planned, and it is vital to communicate with your contractor openly every step of the way. Be transparent with what you think of the renovation, how you feel about it, and what you’d like to change. 

It’s also important to be action-oriented so that you and your contractor can come up with a solution together. Though you may have a vision of how your renovation should look down to the last detail, be willing to compromise where possible too.

4. Be Reasonable and Flexible

Whether it’s the schedule of the construction itself or the tiles used for your bathroom renovation, be ready to be more flexible with your decisions during the whole process. This isn’t to say that you should give up your non-negotiables; try to stand your ground on what you are and aren’t willing to compromise. 

However, be reasonable with your expectations, especially if you want to get the work done on time with the best possible quality. There will be unavoidable situations that will arise, and managing your stress starts with a more flexible mindset.

5. Have a Designated Storage for Stock and Tools

During a holiday renovation, the last thing you want is for your entire house and lot to look like a mess. Talk to your contractor about how to best assign a designated space for the safe storage of tools, stock, and other necessary materials for the renovation. Have an agreement that all of these things should be stored away after every working day, particularly on the days when your guests will be visiting. Establish this from the very beginning so that there are no unnecessary stressful disagreements and frustrations later on. 


Renovations during the holidays tend to be stressful, but following these few tips to get ahead of the game will help you with what to expect. Managing a renovation project will take flexibility, compromise, and plenty of planning ahead, but with the right contractor, you’ll have a beautiful, newly renovated area in your home on time and just how you envisioned it. 

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