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6 Common Siding Problems You Need to Watch Out For

Your house’s siding is one of its essential elements. Siding helps protect your home, which is why you need to ensure it’s in good condition. Remember, your siding isn’t built to last for a long time. Therefore, you need to be alert of any issues that may arise. Here are the common siding problems you might encounter and how you can avoid them: 

1. Pests

Wood siding is vulnerable to pests, from woodpeckers to termites. When these pests infiltrate your siding, it will deteriorate and will not be able to deliver the protection your house needs. 

You can prevent pest issues by using insecticides. Also, you can have hot water running through a spray nozzle at 160 to 180 degrees. As much as possible, use eco-friendly products to ensure that surrounding trees and plants will not be harmed. 

2. Poor Maintenance

Most sidings are low-maintenance, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need maintenance. Sidings still need to be inspected, especially after severe weather disturbances. 

Having a regular maintenance schedule is crucial because it will let you catch issues early on before they turn into something big. It’s recommended you have your siding inspected once a year and after severe weather disturbances. It’s also a great idea to check it by yourself periodically. 

3. Poor Installation

If the siding isn’t installed properly, then you might face a huge problem. Avoid this by ensuring you work with a reliable contractor that can guarantee you an excellent job. You can do this by doing thorough research when looking for contractors in your area. 

4. Moisture

Indeed, siding is designed to keep moisture out. However, if the siding is damaged, moisture becomes a major problem. When you see warping and buckling, these are signs your siding has a moisture problem. 

5. Roof Issues

The quality of your roof can affect the stability of your siding. When your roof is failing, it will allow moisture to get underneath and into the under layers. In turn, the moisture can reach the siding, which can cause damage to the understructures. You might find your siding looking okay, but you’ll be surprised that there are already a lot of things going underneath that can turn into a huge problem down the road. 

6. Weather

Severe weather, such as strong winds and hail, can have debris making contact with your siding, and they sure can leave a mark. Additionally, severe winter weather can also take a toll on your siding because ice turns to water, getting into the small cracks and freezing again. When this happens, it can create significant damage to your siding over time. 

To avoid this, call your contractor for an inspection after severe weather conditions. Your contractor will definitely know what to look for. 


Knowing the common siding issues and how you can avoid them are important. When you know what potential problems may occur, you will be more prepared to face them. An effective way to prevent any of these from happening is to have regular inspections by a reliable contractor. That way, you can catch issues early on before they turn into a huge problem. 

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