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6 Design Tips for Homeowners Beginning a House Remodel

Design and ambiance are the first things that influence guests’ impressions about a home. The overall effect of lights, textures, and color combinations elicit certain reactions. The eye for great line and shade combinations is something you can develop over time and with various home improvement projects. 

If you need more confidence in your design skills, hiring professionals like interior designers or remodeling contractors will ensure an aesthetically pleasing output. Nevertheless, you should know enough about a remodeling project before you begin; if you want to make a great first impression on your guests, here are a few design tips to get you started.

Hang pendant lights in common areas

Lighting makes an enormous difference in how a room looks. If you want to evoke a certain mood, you need to know which types of lights to use. Pendant lights, for example, are great for modern entrance halls and shared rooms. Make sure your choice fits the space. For example, you want lights that sweep the eye up and create visual height in a stairwell.

Choose shiny or reflective accent pieces

Strategically incorporate crystal accessories, decorative pieces in brass or stainless steel, or furniture with metal details in your design. You can consult remodeling contractors near you for suggestions on what type of pieces fits your rooms’ aesthetic.

Infuse natural colors in your design

Decorate your home interiors with large plants; arrange them in the hallway, beside a console table, or place them behind or beside an armchair in your living room. Investing in plants is an excellent way of elevating your design if you are on a budget.

If you have room for it in your budget, choose sleek hardwood flooring for your remodel. This add-on is worth the investment; it gives any room a touch of warmth, and it increases your house’s resale value.

Use bold colors for your walls

Do not be afraid to make a statement with wallpaper or wall paint. Decorate your room with wallpaper in unique patterns and colors; you can choose abstracted or nature-inspired designs. Note that it is easy to overdo this—use the strong patterns on one accent wall, and keep the others in a neutral palette.

Note that color choice matters; if you want the décor to stand out, you need to tone down the wallpaper and vice versa. Blending the right hues and shades is also essential. For instance, it is not enough to use a muted palette throughout—some colors have warm undertones, while others have cool ones, and you must identify which work best together.

Incorporate art in your rooms

If you are unsure where to begin, you can choose artwork as a focal point for a room. Art displays can help set the interior design’s color palette, and it is always a great conversation piece for guests. If you are on a budget, you can score great finds in a flea market, online curating shop, or bazaar. Ask home contractors or interior decorators if they have suppliers for accent pieces as well.

Consider bespoke or unique furniture

For people with a little more to spend, bespoke pieces will always be a plus. A zigzag-shaped bookcase, a coffee table made from unique materials, or other unusual decorative pieces serve as artwork and furniture at once. Using these as the focal point is also an option, especially in rooms where it does not make sense to hang paintings.


Having a design plan always cuts down the time you spend remodeling and editing your ideas. When remodeling a home, do not just focus on furniture and fixtures; everything from the curtains and rugs to the accessories and paintings contributes to a room’s look. Hiring experienced designers and contractors will also help you get your plans and develop alternatives should they fall through.

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