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Is Cobex Construction Group The Best Roseville Roofer ?

There are many companies that fight to hold the title: Best Roseville roofer , but only one can wear it. Cobex Construction Group. Cobex Construction Group is a General Contractor based out of Roseville, CA. However, Cobex Construction Group also owns a sister company; Cobex Roofing, which operates with an in-house crew and under it’s own roofing license. In order to provide the best experience for Roseville Roofing.

This is a bold claim yet it is supported by an irrefutable amount of evidence. Cobex has a total of 30 years of experience, and has completed many Roseville Roofer projects.

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What Should The Best Roseville Roofing Company Have?

In order to keep the title of the best Roseville Roofer, the company must meet all the following criteria we will discuss in this blog. However, first and foremost, the best Roseville Roofing Contractor must have and continues to operate under a Sacramento Roofing License.

The Best Roofing Products

Cobex Construction Group and Cobex Roofing have and proudly use Owens Corning lifetime roofing systems in order to ensure the only the best product goes on top of our customer’s heads.

The Roseville Roofing Contractor must also provide multiple roofing solutions for your unique roofing project. Whether it be a flat Silicone Roof, Composition Roof, Metal Roof, or even a Tile Roof.

There are many different colors, patterns, designs and looks that a client would want, so making sure you have the products and structure in place to deliver these expectations to your client, being considered the Best Roseville Roofer is impossible.

An In House Roofing Crew

The best Roseville Roofer should always have a great install crew! Most larger companies hire sub-contractors at the cheapest price in order to get projects done. Cobex prides itself on having an in-house roofing crew for our roofing projects, this allows us to put our best foot forward and help our clients with complicated and pricey projects.

Having an in house crew means that your customers will be happy and more willing to work with you down the line.

Roseville Roofing Project

Be a Roseville Roofer Company Located in Roseville!

If a company should be considered the best Roseville roofer, then it has to be a roofing company located in Roseville! Cobex Construction Group and Cobex Roofing are located off of Cirby and Riverside. This makes sure we fit this criterion. Being able to provide free roofing estimates and support our local community means a lot to us!

Respect your Customers With Warranties.

We have heard too many horror stories about Contractors slapping on a sub-par roof and ignoring their customers when they call back for help. Too many stories of a roofer installing a faulty roof, which later starts leaking again, leaving the customer helpless. Most of these companies offer what we like to call a “tailgate warranty.” This is another way of saying, once you see the installer’s truck’s tailgate drive away, so does your warranty. Cobex enforces a 50-year warranty for most of our Composition, Tile and Metal roofs. These warranties are backed by the manufactures so even if Cobex ever goes out of business, the warranties will still be in place to protect the customer.

The roseville roofer must have 5 star reviews and a positive track record as well, to even be considered in the running. With all of these factors considered, we can come to a conclusion that Cobex Construction Group and Cobex Roofing can and are one of the best Roseville roofers.

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