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What’s the Expiry Date on Your Roof? Change it Before it’s Past Due. Here’s Why!

It is safe to say that roofs make a house livable. Your warm and cozy home can quickly become a cold uncomfortable mess when the roof gives away. It won’t be wrong to say that you do not think about your roof until something starts cracking, leaking, or breaking apart.

The hard part is that roofs do not come with expiry labels nor do they send a notification to your smart device before caving in. What they do give out are warning signs. It might take pros like the Best Roseville Roofer to replace a roof, but it only takes a keen eye to identify a need for it.

Homeowners usually delay roof replacements and hope for the best. Here is why your home probably needs a roof replacement and why you shouldn’t put it off anymore.

Age is Catching Up

Like humans, roofs age too. So, if you have been living in a house with a roof that has been around more than a quarter of a century, it is probably a good idea to get it replaced. Variables like weather conditions and growth around the roof may contribute to the state of the roof. It is better to get an inspection done every two years to stay up to date with the current situation.

So, when is the best time to replace a roof? As an experienced Roseville General Contractor, we can tell you that a good thumb rule is to replace the roof when it is 20-30 years old. Also, if most of your neighbors are doing it, it’s time.

A Shingle a Day

You can replace a shingle every time a new problem crops up on your roof. While every single shingle repair may not call for a complete roof replacement, it certainly gives you an idea about the roof’s deteriorating health.

  • Curling shingles: They may indicate a significant leak in the roof waiting to happen. If the problem is widespread, your roof may last a maximum of 5 years.
  • Cracked shingles: Usually caused by harsh winds, they may be a one-time problem. But, if the cracks are not localized, then there is a good chance that you need to replace the roof to prevent total collapse.
  • Covered shingles: depending on the weather in your area, you may experience the case of the shingles covered with algae and moss. The damage is cosmetic, which may bring down the home’s value, but it can also prematurely age the roof.

Even if you do perform the single shingle surgery, it is almost impossible to find shingles that match the color of your existing shingles. This again takes away from the look of the house.

Sun is Shining Through. Be Worried.

That’s a no brainer. If you can see the sun shining through your roof, it is not much of a roof anymore. If the sunlight is getting through so can a lot of other elements – rain, cold air, and dust. The crack in the roof accompanied by a water stain is symptomatic of a leak. A small leak may not be a reason to completely change the roof. However, if the size of the hole is substantial, it may mean that the structural strength of the roof has been compromised. In such a case, it would be better to replace the roof.

The Gutter Tells It All

A clogged roof gutter can prevent the rain and debris from reaching the ground which may lead to mold infestations, rotting, and more. A drain can be easily unclogged or replaced. However, pay closer attention to what’s in it. Granules from the roof in the gutter are not a good sign. These are the same granules that form a protective layer over the asphalt in the roof. Once these granules wear off, the shingles suffer more sun damage and wither away quicker than expected. A professional inspector will accurately tell you about the extent of damage and if you need a complete replacement.

The Dreaded Sag

A sagging roof is a compelling reason for roof replacement. The sag may be due to a structural issue. This calls for immediate action. Without further ado, you should call in the experts working with the best Sacramento General Contractor to inspect your roof and fix the problem. If you do not address the issue when the roof starts to sag, you are just inviting bigger problems into your house. It is possible to get a quick fix solution in the initial phase, but after a point, roof replacement is the only viable solution.

Make the Wiser Choice

Is it time to replace my roof? – said no homeowner ever. Roof replacement is almost never their first choice. So, if you are averse to it at first, you are, well…normal. But, when you really get into the thick of the things you will realize that it surprisingly may be more cost-efficient, save you energy costs, and be a safer alternative to opt for than a patch job.

An even wiser choice would be to pick the best Roseville Roofer to do it for you. Contact Cobex Construction Group today for a free quote.

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