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Top 5 Things To Know, To Find The Best Sacramento General Contractor

What’s the difference between a General Contractor and the Best Sacramento General Contractor ?

Finding the best General Contractor for your job is probably the hardest part of the home improvement process. Especially when it comes to finding the best Sacramento General Contractor.

Sacramento has one of the highest concentration of General Contractors per capita in all of California. So, because of this exact reason your local contractor, Cobex Construction Group has put together these top things you need to look out for when finding your next general contractor.

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1. Unmatched Product Quality

The Best Sacramento General Contractor should always offer you the best products that are on the market. They should never offer you the cheapest products they have. Especially if you are looking for reliable and long lasting products.

At Cobex Construction Group we believe that offering lifetime products and warranties is one of the best ways to help your customers. For example, a roof with a 50 year warranty, is a lot more valued and appreciated by the customer compared to a roof with just a 20 year warranty.

That same ideology also goes with the lifetime paint that we use, our lifetime custom patio covers and our siding work.

2. Trustworthy and Committed

You need to always make sure that your Contractor has a history of being trustworthy and committed. Providing you a timeline for your project, doing everything to make sure the project goes smoothly. The history of General Contractors ripping people off. Most lower end Contracting Companies don’t take responsibility for their costly mistakes and are legally protected from any legal actions.

Make sure that your contractor has a track record of helping it’s customers with any unresolved issues and problems. Also make sure that they are committed, and don’t leave work unfinished. We have encountered many clients that reached out to us because they needed someone to finish what another contractor started.

Sacramento Solar Contracting project
Solar and Roof installation in Sacramento by Cobex CG

3. Great Customer Service

Customer service is a lot more than finishing what you start. Great Customer Service is when the company, ( Best Sacramento General Contractor ) goes above and beyond to fulfill your needs. They will go out of their way to help you out with your personal and unique construction project.

However, customer service goes far beyond the installation and production process. Customer Services also includes the people involved at the office, answering all of the phone calls and questions. Customer Service goes beyond the office and to the Consultants that come to your home and find the best solution for you. Finding a Sacramento General Contractor with all of these fields top notch and great is extremely rare. Read the reviews, and make sure that your prospected contractor ticks this box.

Also watch out for fake reviews. Some contractors might buy fake reviews. Look for these following signs to see if they are fake reviews.

  • Majority of reviews have bad grammar.
  • The majority of reviews are from people who don’t live in Sacramento.
  • Reviews that are very short. If someone just spent 10,000 dollars with a contractor, they will have a lot more to say than just a “They did great work”.
  • They have a thousand Google reviews, but only 100 Yelp reviews. Google reviews are a lot easier to falsify.
  • If they are 5 stars on google, but 2 stars on yelp or other review platforms. The consistency in reviews doesn’t change dramatically across review platforms.
Happy Contracting Customer

4. A Caring Team

The company you want to work with should be a company that wants to work with you. Finding a Contractor that has a caring team behind them can be challenging, but reading up on the contractors history can help. Also, searching up their social medias and seeing how they treat their employees will give you a lot of insight and how they would treat you.

Contractors have the highest compliant rate with the BBB, second only to used car dealerships. Making sure you trust the people you do business with will be a clear sign wether or not that general contractor will be helping you or hurting you.

5. Isn’t Completely Focused on the Price

There are too many companies that value profits over customer service and quality. In order for a company to be considered the best Sacramento general contractor, it must be focused on quality and customer service over price. In our experiences, this usually means that companies that fall in the middle for price ranges tend to not have this issue. There are companies that are very cheap and affordable, however you won’t get the high quality products and installation team you deserve. There are also greedy companies that charge a lot more then they should be charging for a sub-par quality product.

In conclusion, you have to do your due diligence on companies. Especially, in the era we live in today. We have so much information available to us its unbelievable. So do your research, find out wether the company focuses on quality, has reasonable reviews, and has a track record of being awesome!

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