How to Get It Right: Choosing a Roof Shingle Color for Your Home

So, the time has come to replace the roof of your home. While you’re at it, why not consider adding a bit of character? Going with the same old roof shingle color may be easier and faster—but the process of looking for the best color for your roof will be worth it. Not only does a new shingle color elevate the overall look of your home, but it can also reflect your personality and style.

Take a look at this list of tips and tricks that will make it easier for you to choose the perfect color for your home’s roof shingles.

The Roof Is Your Blank Canvas

Personalizing and designing your home isn’t only limited to your rooms or your front yard; you’re free to express your style with your roof too! Thanks to the wide range of colors and styles to choose from, you can let your imagination run wild and decide however you want your roof to look!

Plan It Out

Making a mental note of your ideas isn’t enough—you have to put them on paper so that you won’t forget it. 

To create a cohesive, well-thought-out plan, you have to note down your color scheme, inspirations, and even what you don’t want. Laying everything down puts things into perspective and helps figure out what to prioritize and what works best for your house.

The Sky’s the Limit—Not the Roof

Stop playing it safe! Instead of going with the same old design, try to consider doing something different this time. Don’t feel limited by the roofing shingle color that you had, and instead think of a different treatment that can enhance your house’s overall look.

Go Bold Or Go Home

Who said roofs had to be plain? Add a bit of personality to the exterior of your home! 

If you’re the type who likes it bold and loud, you can make a statement with a daring roofing shingle color. Not only do bold, high-contrast shingles make your home stand out, they also enhance the overall look of the house’s exterior. 

On the other hand, if you want it toned down a bit, you can go for a shade and design that perfectly complements the other elements of your house.

Compare the Costs

Before deciding anything, you must first analyze the cost between the different roofing shingle product lines. Going all out for your roof is fine, as long as everything is within your budget. 

Ask your home contractor the cost difference between each product, so you can decide whether to make a compromise or to add a few hundred dollars to your budget.

Talk to Your Contractor

Remember, your roof, your rules. If you’re looking for something specific, let your contractor know, and they will give you a wider variety of colors and designs to choose from. 

In this effort, effective communication is key. Being confident in what you want and making sure your contractor understands that will make the process easier for everyone.

Lighting Matters

The overall look of your roof greatly depends on the lighting. Try taking your samples outside during different times of the day and determine whether you’re still satisfied with how they look.

See the Shingle Color in Person

Samples aren’t enough. Before finalizing on a shingle color to go with, always insist on seeing it in person. Remember to do this before making your decision, as a color you like at first may turn out not to be what you want after all when you see it in action. 

You can ask your contractor for a list of homes to visit to see how the shingles look in natural lighting.

Work With a Roofing Company

Re-roofing your home is a big project—make sure to work with a trusted roofing company that is well-experienced, easy to work with, and can deliver great results. Visit their website and read testimonials until you are confident about their credibility and performance.


Changing your roof color may not be number one on your list when it comes to home renovations, but they have a great impact on the overall look of your home’s exterior. Who knows, a new, beautiful roof may just be exactly what your house needs!

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