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Make Sure You Aren’t Making These Home Renovation Mistakes

Remodels can take a lot out of a person, both emotionally and resource-wise. First of all, it is a considerable investment; kitchen remodels, which are the most common type, cost around $22,000. Even small-scale projects like minor bathroom updates average about $10,000. 

A homeowner heading a remodel also needs project management skills. He needs to attend to designers, architects, home contractors, and even engineers’ needs and concerns. He should also be somewhat knowledgeable in design or construction and know the milestones to look for in a project. If you’re heading a renovation for the first time, take note of these mistakes beginners make in managing a project.

Not setting a budget for the project

Having no budget for a renovation is practically a signal for you to break the bank. You have to pick a number and commit to it; since things generally cost more than you think, make sure you have an extra ten to 20 percent to your original estimate. If you manage to stay within budget, you will have a little extra to spend on accessories.

Spend more on high-quality cabinet doors and hardwood flooring, and save on decorative items. Items you use every day should be as sturdy and well-made as possible.

Not forming a team before starting

Assemble your team of experts as early as possible; do not wait until you and your architect are far into the plans before speaking with general contractors. If you do, you will run into additional expenses. Get everyone to speak to each other as soon as possible to eliminate hitches.

Attempting to complete a project in weeks

A three to six month timeframe for a large project is not excessive. If what you know about renovations comes from watching home improvement shows, you might think these projects take far less time than they do. Budget enough time for the entire remodel and include a buffer period of a few weeks, so you have room to plan, put a team together, and account for unexpected issues.

Not establishing clear lines of communication

Collaborations can heighten any issues that exist in working relationships. As with any professional engagement, communication is vital in a remodeling project. If you have a strong rapport with one contractor, enlist them to help you speak to the other. 

Do not have side conversations without either party and establish your primary mode of communication. Whether by email, text, or call, you should be ready to speak with everyone involved and share updates at least once a week.

Thinking your opinion is the only one that matters

Aesthetic appeal is just one part of good design. If you shop for tiles or lights, you might focus on what the items look like and not how they function in the context of your entire room. A remodeling contractor can guide you to choices that balance form, function, and budget. You do not want to spend a fortune on an accent piece that sticks out like a sore thumb in the end!

Ignoring the plan you made

Write your plan down before starting a project. Include details like products you will use, model numbers of these items, and even the finish you want for your room. Once you have everything written down, do not deviate from it. Even minor changes can cause delays in a timeline.

When you need to make adjustments, document what contractors should do but do not stress yourself worrying about the deadlines. Things will never be as perfect as you imagine, so take the long view about it.


Even if you hire the best contractors for a job, you still need to monitor the remodel’s progress. Before you start, make sure you have a plan and a budget, and ensure open communication lines among everyone involved.
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