Seasonal Makeovers: 3 Merry Reasons You Should Renovate Your Home Before the Holidays

Seasonal Makeovers: 3 Merry Reasons You Should Renovate Your Home Before the Holidays

Homeowners are getting ready to deck their home with wintry-themed decorations, but there are more ways to display the seasonal spirit beyond stringing fairy lights on your front porch. There may be appliances that need a much-needed upgrade or fixtures that need fixing, so why not get a head start on a renovation project before the holiday rush starts?

It’s true that it’s a busy season for everyone, so managing remodeling projects on top of the upcoming festivities can be stressful. However, it’s a slow month for contractors, which makes the remodel significantly cheaper. 

So long as you choose fix-me-upper plans that builders can do within a short timeframe, then it’s the merriest time of the year for home renovation projects:

1. Make your Home Look Luxurious for Less Using Splashes of Color

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and affordable way to make your home feel brand new, then giving it a new paint job is the right way to go. Brighter colors can set up a festive backdrop for your upcoming parties, along with altering the room’s overall mood. 

You can transform your space in just a day or two, depending on how many rooms you’re planning to give a fresh coat of interior paint. 

2. Brighten your Home by Installing Sophisticated Lighting Fixtures

The lighting fixtures play a pivotal role in setting the right ambiance, especially if you opt for accent lighting to add a decorative touch to the room. Hanging pendant lights over the kitchen island, for example, can add a stylish statement along with improving its functionality. 

3. Update your Flooring to Complete the Look 

A new paint job is enough to wow your guests during the holiday get-togethers, but you can floor them further by updating your flooring. There’s plenty of flooring options that can enhance your home’s look and feel, from new carpeting for comfort to laminate flooring for its easy maintenance. 

The Bottom Line: Embracing the Festive Spirit with a Year-End Home Makeover

The holiday is just around the corner, which means you’ll be seeing plenty of parties, family gatherings, and other festivities to come. Why not give yourself the gift of a fix-me-upper project so you can deck your space with new features that meet your current needs and style?

The guide above shows some home renovation plans you can complete in time for the merry season, so you can greet the new year with a new home. 

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