Watch Out For These 6 Hidden Costs Of Home Remodels

Remodels and renovations can be inconvenient, frustrating, and expensive. Among the most notable contributors to people’s misery are the hidden charges that crop up during the project. Homeowners grit their teeth and bear these hidden costs because they have a goal in mind. You do not need to stress yourself with renovations, though. Realistic budgeting and constant communication with your remodeling contractor will help you plan for expenses. Here are things that you should talk to your contractors about before you start your project.

The Project’s Scope Of Work

Often, the biggest contributors to hidden charges are the clients themselves. When clients change their orders, the scope changes as well, so try not to change your mind once you and your contractor have agreed on the terms and the scope.

Kitchen remodels with unplanned structural changes—like an open floor plan that requires drywall demolition—can bloat the budget by ten to 15 percent. Explore all options with your contractors before you sign so that you can prepare yourself and your wallet for them.

Compliance With Building Codes

A building code protects public health and safety. Government agencies also use codes to ensure sustainable measures and energy efficiency. Though these are great for health and wellbeing, new standards can bring hidden costs. This is especially true for older homes since bringing it up to code is necessary instead of optional.

Hazardous Building Practices

If the previous contractor did substandard work on your property, the following builders would have to remedy it. For example, if the wiring is not up to code, you need to have the area rewired. You might spend years living in a home that looks fine but has plenty of issues construction-wise. Typically, fixing these would need a substantial amount of investment.

Utilities And Pet Boarding

You might also have increased utility bills due to equipment like nail guns and compressors. If you have a plumbing line break, you might need emergency water mitigation. These measures can add $10 to $40 more to your monthly bill. Also, if you have pets or farm animals, you would need to move them to a different home during the project, which might cost $450 to upwards of $2,600 per month depending on the lodgings.

Eating Out And Gasoline Expenses

Ordering food or dining out is another hidden cost of remodels. If you have no alternative line for your stove during renovations, you would need to eat out while your kitchen remains out of commission. The most affordable way to deal with this would be to plan your meals and choose affordable and simple no-cook recipes.

Damage From Pests And From Rot

Termite damage affects many homes, and it stalls progress on remodels. If you have rotting wood and pest damage, you would need to factor it into your project’s net cost. In the future, keep irrigation at least five feet away from the house’s foundation. Water damage is a source of rot, which in turn makes materials susceptible to pests.


Remodels are significant undertakings that require serious investments. However, if you are not careful and don’t watch what you spend, you will find yourself spending much more than you thought you would. Stick to your budget and talk to your contractors about the matters listed above before you begin. Having a lovely home should not come at the expense of your bank account’s health!

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